ASCE, Sacramento Section, Capital Branch

August, 2004 Conference

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For $1,000 in check or money order to ASCE, Capital Branch, you will receive the following:

1.  Sponsor's name (and logo when possible) shall appear in advertisements as one of the main eight sponsors.

2.  Sponsor's name (and logo when possible) shall appear in the printed proceedings and conference signage at the conference meeting room(s)    as one of the main eight sponsors.

3.  Sponsor's name and logo, and complimentary job postings, on www.engineer.net, the Engineer Job Search Engine, for 2 months.

3.  Sponsor shall have one speaker automatically accepted by the selection process.

4.  Sponsor shall have two slots in any of the committees.

5.  Sponsor shall have first notification for additional funding needed to keep conference in positive cash flow.

Sponsor shall follow all ASCE National guidelines for meetings or conferences.  ASCE National guidelines will be followed to keep function open to all, and to maintain fairness in the selection process.  ASCE guidelines for written papers shall be followed, and copyright policies followed.  ASCE shall retain copyrights for all published papers, and follow ASCE National guidelines.  Meetings may be videotaped or photographed.  ASCE shall retain rights to all forms of electronic or other recording material.  ASCE guidelines on size, scale and rules on organization logos shall be followed.

Additional funding may be necessary for vender booths and/or souvenirs, e.g. satchel bags or other items.  This $1,000 has no contribution to these items.  Registration fees are undecided at this point, and most likely all participants will have to pay a registration fee to keep a positive cash flow.  This shall include the sponsor's representatives.

The money shall be used for advertising, establishing a website and secretarial support.  After the conference is over any extra funds shall be kept by ASCE, Sacramento Section.

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