Orthotropic Bridges of Mexico Built from 1960 to 2003

This is a summary of all bridges built in Mexico with Orthotropic Decks. It lists basic data and statistics for bridges, and a survey of what happened to these orthotropic bridges.  The goal is to establish a useful database of listings of all orthotropic bridges.  Suggestions, improvements and corrections are appreciated!!

DISCLAIMER:  This table is based on information available to the public from libraries, or freely provided. Steel plate was used for bridge decks prior to the AISC "Battle Deck" welded system of 1938. Rivets or bolts were used to make the connections. The German engineers started the use of orthotropic in the 1950s, which has been used by most other countries. A good faith effort has been made to establish and make corrections to this table as needed. Many small bridges never had articles written about them.

Alfred R. Mangus, P.E. is the Facilitator and Chair of the ASCE Orthotropic Bridge Conference, August 2004 in Sacramento, CA - Phone & Fax:  916-961-2723 - asce@asce-sacto.org



# of Bridges

Name of Bridge



Length x Width in Feet

Deck Area in Square Feet

Bridge Type




Guadalajara Bridge

1968   121,000     Built as an orthotropic deck bridge. Still in use.  



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