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ASCE, St. Louis Section - Our History - http://sections.asce.org/stlouis/Section%20History.htm

Bridge-of-the-Month Quiz - http://www.hevanet.com/bridgink

Bridge Project (The Department of Civil Engineering, Rice University) - http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~ceedept

Bridge Projects (BRIDGEPROS) - http://www.bridgepros.com

Cable Supported Structures (Raid Karoumi, Royal Institute of Technology) - http://www.struct.kth.se/people/RAID/Cable.htm

Caltrans Publications Page for Book about Carquinez Bridge - Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge -


David Denenberg - http://www.bridgemeister.com

Gallery of Bridges Around the World - http://www.civl.port.ac.uk/comp_prog/bridges1

Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library - http://nisee.berkeley.edu/godden

Inventory of North American Suspension Bridges - http://www.bridgemeister.com/inventory.htm

Laboratory of Bridge Engineering (LBE) (Helsinki University of Technology) - http://www.bridgesite.com/otherlinks.htm

Lincoln Highway Merchandise - http://www.LHTP.com

National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering, University of California, Berkeley - http://nisee.berkeley.edu

Steel Bridges in the World (Swedish Institute of Steel Construction) - http://www.sbi.se

Structurae (The International Database and Gallery of Structures) - http://www.structurae.de

Structures of Leonhardt, Andra & Partners - http://nisee.berkeley.edu/leonhardt

SUCCEED Engineering Visual Database (Department of Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)http://www.ce.vt.edu

World's Longest Bridge Spans - http://www.aisc.org/Content/ContentGroups/Documents/NSBA5/20_NSBA_LongestSpans.PDF


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